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 We develop a most Flexible & cost effective, Manufacturing facility for solving problem of our valued customers. We develop a culture where Quality and in time delivery is our top priory


For efficiency in our Organisation & customer relationship we Balance the three corners of the company Time, Cost and Quality.




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ISO 9001

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of Progressive Engineering Service (PES) is to provide high and consistent quality in Manufacturing the Components and services we provide. We are always mindful of the fact that the items we manufactured and prototype are used in Automotive or Other Industry so all of their systems, an environment where the safety is first paramount.

  • Our commitment is to the safety and accurate work of our customer’s professionals who use the items we have manufactured, thereby ensuring the safety the customers.
  • All work is done in conformance to Progressive Engineering Service (PES) QMS, the applicable technical and administrative operating policies and procedures of Progressive Engineering Service (PES), legal and regulatory requirements, and specific customer requirements.
  • Through front-line input and management leadership, we will continue to improve our people and processes to anticipate, meet, and exceed the needs of our customers.
  • We support the continually improving quality of our customer’s and other technical operations through the services we provide.

Tree Friendship ngo


The Environmental policy of Progressive Engineering Services (PES) is to reduce the carbon footprint in our manufacturing facility and Service we provide. We believe that everyone should contribute for Protect the Environment so our policy in not just to reduce the Carbon footprint we also contribute to increase the Urban forest in Pakistan. Our Target to Plant the trees in urban area so we can reduce the carbon emissions in our Society.


  • We Shift our Office Energy usage into Solar Energy System.
  • In Manufacturing we eliminate extra process to save electricity.
  • We Upgrade Energy Saving Equipment’s in our Manufacturing Unit.
  • We have initiate to Tree plantation with in Pakistan.